diem Brand

DIEM® Brand products are your source for VITAMINS, MINERALS AND SUPPLEMENTS and more!

DIEM® provides an easy to understand Icon System that highlights the areas of the body that will benefit from each vitamin & supplement, and helps facilitate conversations with your pharmacist.

  • Calcium & Magnesium with Vitamin D - Muscular & Skeletal
  • Melatonin 10mg - Nervous
  • Prostate Formula Softgels - Urinary
  • Vitamin B12 100mcg - Blood
  • Lutein Complex - Eye
  • Milk Thistle 150mg - Digestive
  • B100 Vitamin B Complex - General Health & Wellness
  • Vitamin a 10,000 Iu - General Health & Wellness
  • Vitamin B6 100mg - General Health & Wellness
  • Coenzyme Q10 200mg - Cardiovascular
  • Maximum Strength Garlic 500mg - Cardiovascular
  • Omega 3-6-9 1200mg - Cardiovascular
  • And more...

DIEM® also provides other daily essentials like Diabetic Socks as well. 


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